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GENETRADE wood products

MDF Products

The high quality MDF (medium density fibreboard) that Genetrade imports ismade by a dry process. The raw materials used are mainly softwoods from sparse felling, other lumber industry felling and recycled wood. All log raw materials used in the production come from strictly controlled PEFC and FSC certified forests.

MDF sheet is homogeneous, smooth and sanded. Thatīs why it is highly suitable for industrial processing into decorating sheets and furniture. It can be coated by painting or a hardwood veneer, as well as melamine and paper coatings and different types of laminates, can be added. MDF sheet is easy to modify. It has a low formaldehyde content and therefore belongs to emissions class E1.

MDF, standard, E1

Thickness Size
6,0 mm 2650 x 2070 mm
8,0 mm 2650 x 2070 mm
10,0 mm 2650 x 2070 mm
12,0 mm 2650 x 2070 mm
16,0 mm 2650 x 2070 mm
19,0 mm 2650 x 2070 mm
22,0 mm 2650 x 2070 mm
25,0 mm 2650 x 2070 mm
28,0 mm 2650 x 2070 mm
30,0 mm 2650 x 2070 mm
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