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GENETRADE wood products


Birch products have been one of Genetrade´s most important product groups from the very beginning. In addition to sawn timber, Genetrade sells more and more refined wood products from its own production processes, as well as from its collaborators´ production facilities.

Most of Genetrade´s birch products come from the Baltic countries, Russia and Finland, and they are marketed for furniture, carpentry and building industry customers in Europe, Asia and America.

Birch Sawn Timber

Genetrade supplies birch sawn timber both bevelled and un-bevelled, dried and fresh. In general, each manufacturer has its own grade ratings for birch sawn timber. There are also international differences in quality grading which aim to help the purchasing of raw materials. Grades are always clarified with each customer according to specifications.

Examples of our commonly used grading of birch sawn timber are as follows:

Grade A

Material can be cut into long components, so it is very suitable for high quality furniture production, mouldings and billets.

At least 50% of boards must be flawless on each of its four sides. The rest can have a maximum of two knots per running metre on the B side.

Most common dimensions:
Depth: 19, 25, 32, 38, 50, 63mm
Width: 63, 75, 100, 125, 150mm
Length: 1.8 m - 3m

Grade AB

Material can be cut into short, clean billets, so it is suitable for furniture production and frames.

Boards can have knots or knot groups in both sides. They must however be a minimum of 50cm distance from each other so that 70% of the board forms a clean billet.

Most common dimensions:
Depth: 19, 25, 32, 38, 50, 63mm
Width: 63, 75, 100, 125, 150mm
Length: 1.8 m - 3m


Grade Frame is more knotty birch, which is used traditionally in England for the frames of sofas and other upholstered furniture.

Knots are allowed on all four sides - but not knot holes or other flaws. A maximum of 60% of heart colour is allowed on all four sides.

Most common dimensions:
Depth: 25/32/38/50mm
Width: 75/100/125/150mm
Length: 1.8-4.5m

AFG (Asian Frame Grade)

AFG is grade B birch, sawn from logs, different grade classes where the amount of heart colour varies.

Different grade classes in use, but usually the core is not allowed and there can be a maximum of 40% of heart colour and only on the B side. Healthy knots are allowed.

Most common dimensions:
Depth: 25, 32, 38, 50mm
Width: 75, 100, 125, 150mm
Length: 1.8m - 4.5m, 30cm with division

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