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GENETRADE wood products

OSB sales

Last year, Genetrade began selling and marketing the versatile OSB. OSB is ecological and cost-effective.

OSB (Orientated Strand Board) is a three-layer sheet which is similar in structure to plywood. It is glued together from long and thin woodchips in a high temperature and under high pressure. The cross-gluing of the chips reduces the levels of moisture in the sheet and provides a good surface layer flexibility level.

OSB can be used cost-effectively in areas where wood-based plywood was used before. In Northern America, it is beginning to replace wood-based plywood in house building. Thanks to its distinct appearance, OSB has become popular as a visible decoration element in, for example, upholstery.

Also, different packaging manufacturers and sheet product retailers have found OSB, as they can utilise its benefits and save in costs. Our fast and flexible "from order to delivery" concept has been a positive surprise to customers who are used to delivery times of several weeks.

Genetrade 15.10.2008

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