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GENETRADE wood products
Katso kuva isompana
Katso kuva isompana

Sauna Products

During past few years, these Alder/Aspen/Thermo version become from rarity to popular to nowadays nearly standard in building new saunas in Finland. They are very good materials for sauna, and this is sort of return to traditional, after relatively short Obeche period. It made possible the larger, industrial scale availability of these from Baltic republics, where we have operated since -96. Nowadays raw materials are sourced all around region, our production being still in Estonia.

We worked with these very early, took fast leading positions in the markets, which we have hold ever since. In these materials /segment of Finnish sauna markets, we are market leader, biggest single player and high volume producers. With our brand available everywhere in Finland from major retailers.

And Finland is by far worlds biggest and toughest sauna markets. We could form it also like: if we managed to hold so dominating position here all these years, our products cant be totally bad...

We work with latest, modern machinery and high production culture. And especially our sorting is known to be tightest in the markets, making these so popular also by professional builders. We take out some last %:s most others still allow in their grading, which really do make a difference. Our aim (and reality) is to offer very stable, "no surprises, invoice and forget level" materials. To keep these as claim free as possible. Because that is eventually most expensive, and something nobody has nowadays time to deal with. Things are cheaper to do well already at our own yard in Estonia. Not every producer can offer you this.

We are effective and kept our prices even so affordable. And further designed various cheaper solutions too, to bring these fine species available to more people.

Our major volume lines in these, panels and linings are as good as it gets in these. Our exports varied during the years, but was mostly limited because of heavy demand in Finland. With present recession hitting badly also Finnish building sector, we have more capacity and open for more exports too. Also on longer term, we would like to diversify to some other regular markets also.


Besides our own prime production, we are selling also materials sourced from selected other mills in Baltic's. These are also perfectly good materials, but for ex not as even color as our own, created by certain special drying method. We sell these without our brand at bit lower prices.



Usually for exports these are take together with various other sauna related materials, full container loads of panels is around 33000 running meter, linings 16000.



With aspen, the A side is knotless and has no heart colour. The lumber is evenly white.

With black alder, the A side is also practically knotless. It may have small pin knots and natural colour variations. The general appearance is still evenly coloured and clear.

With both wood species, the B side may have some knots and colour, but not so many that it hinders the technical quality of the piece. The B side, which is usually hidden, may have some technically harmless flaws, in order to keep the availability and pricing of the product sensible.


A/B grade is mostly black alder. Knot-wise it is almost like A grade, but is allowed to have a few more healthy knots. The biggest difference is with the colours, because the A/B grade may have more of the black alderīs natural colour variations. The colour is still even and calm.


B grade black alder products can have a healthier heart colour and bigger knot points.

B grade aspen can have only healthy knots, but no heart colour.

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