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GENETRADE wood products


Our HDF sheets are made by dry process and the raw material used is mainly softwood from sparse felling, other lumber industry felling and recycled wood. All log raw materials used in the production come from strictly controlled PEFC- and FSC certified forests.

Our HDF sheets are available uncoated, painted monochrome or painted wood grain patterns.

Painted sheet surfaces are one-sided.

Sheets are highly suitable for use as back sheets for cabinets, bases for drawers and body sheets for adverts. The versatile colour selection enables sheet usage in shops, fairs and other internal decoration displays, etc. The sheet is also suitable for door surfaces.


Quality E1

Depth mm Size mm Coating
3,0 2850x2070 rough
3,0 2850x2070 white
3,0 2850x2070 wood grain patterns
3,0 2850x2070 UNI (other monochrome)
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