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GENETRADE wood products


Hardboard is produced from wood fibre which is generated as a side product in the industry. Hardboard is hard and easy to coat and modify. The sheet does not contain harmful substances and its formaldehyde content is the same as in wood. Thatīs why itīs safe to use.

The largest hardboard user groups are the furniture, packaging and carpentry industries. The sheet is highly suitable for furniture parts, such as cabinet backgrounds, drawer bases and the frames in padded furniture. It can also be used for building fixtures for interiors and fairs, such as walls, decorations and other elements.

Hardboard is also suitable for various packaging purposes.

Our hardboard sheets are available uncoated, painted monochrome or painted wood grain patterns. All painted sheets are painted with water-based E0 grade paints.

Our standard size sheets can be found in the table below. We can also provide sheets cut to customersī requirements.

Thickness mm Size mm Coating
3.0 3050x2060 rough
3.0 3050x2060 white
3.0 3050x2060 UNI (other monochrome)
3.0 3050x2060 wood grain patterns
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